The Lux Continuum

by Lux Continuum

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released August 23, 2012




Lux Continuum Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Genesis
The Lux is us it's you it's me. We'll be the continuum. Fiat Lux. Let there be light. Transitions of conditions. Feel the discrete spectrum of existence. Understand the fundamental of reality existence knowledge values reason mind language now. makes it with subjectivity and clear perception articulate the metaphysical enlightenment. expand the boundaries of human reason. determine the limit conceive the incomplete and you will find the lux. the lux continuum.
Track Name: Samurai Showdown
What up !
Test 1.2.3
It's a lyrical showdown
I'm going samurai show off
though what a miracle to show up
my conscience has grasped the word up
descend from the divine no master in crime no front of
Pure and simple articulation of the thought of
Grow up
thinking we're sinking
We're believing in a different living
leaving the space to choke off
the licks the riffs the lips
the papercuts, so sweet rapper's getting hiccups

Ben's on the Slappin prince on the crafting, DOC on the rappin yo
We pull the strings third world degree, thought your brain freezed
Your mind oozes out as if your brain cells died out
Though i know you don't get you gonna find it
The real deal of the feal through the lines of the minds building shrines in the mines for our kind

Come on, come feal me yeah.

As I said before Ben's on the Slappin prince on the crafting yo, DOC on the rappin this is rap town rap men. Here we go real music the lux is exposed what you know real prose

Come on.

I'm coming the concept is exposed here I go I see above but I wanna stop willing thrilling , what you know the music is just dealin. Here we go cause we're fealin the brains in the minds out. Here I go I see the lights out. So we're bringing.

The Lux, The Continuum. Lights out, we're bringing the Continuum.


Yo Yo

So i'm giving yo

Wakizashi in hand already ready to bust out are you prepared for that man.
Gonna take care of that man, so don't choke a cut in this joint shootin on the point better pointing the ointments rap movements like butterflies flies for the mind with no design for the withdrawal of reality of the trees in your dreams you see I plant the seed I see in lines, I see above me

Come on.

So I keep it real, Ben is like flea, cause you know the slappin is insane and I keep it free for you to hear for you to feel what you know our atmosphere.

Come on.

Our Atmosphere, atmosphere.

Ben's on the slappin, Prince on the crafting, DOC on the rappin, Lux on the mapping, Come On.
Track Name: Sordid Details
Sordid details dividing kids gigs and retail
reminds me of the final scene in ocean twelve
i'm imploding, numbers crumbling
just negotiating Dany Ocean some trust
against the power of the false
Exit us
Ain't transistors, just plain resistance
with a true ambition
cause we're synonymous of anonymous
killing constant non-sens delirious dead serious
just playing it up real genius

I don't chill with the R.Z.A
I got the professor
a true real wizard
Wanted to see Raekwon
at least it was local had to see Rae once
at ease with some trees at the Belmont
on St-Laurent

We stumbling from east to west
Royals hills, super connects, affiliates and mutual respect
perhaps we can't select a path to perfect
reality we affect

Bodyguards searching for metal
i'm on my cell phone it's settled
We gathering then scattering on different levels
sounds raw like Frusciante's pedal
I enter it looks like reasoning needs a bit of seasoning
lot of gold diggers but no worries
my being is being Heidegger
it's a choice, my voice can't be destroyed
this evolution will cause a revolution
this condescendence is my only solution
we deserve the merit, the credit.
select kid, more than eclectic, pure dialectic,
don't be neglected.
Be aware we're visionaries, y'all just need dictionnaries
results may vary Bitches!
I'm going Shostakovich glitches
The feel the veil the real,
it's the blend of the trends
Post modern direction striking for perfection
Track Name: Oudom's Gift
Yeh, now feal me, just feal me. Yah haha. It's DOC slash Oudom. Yeh, I got this clean gift for ya. You know. For your spirit, and mostly its free. Now stay with me.
Track Name: Kick and Guard
Yeah Wow, he, okay. Listen, we're way past the deception open up your reception cause I'm giving it up for redemption please lord keep me up against interceptions. I'm crawling back up from oblivion, real brilliant, giving it up reptilian real raw like a chameleon.

I Kick and Guard, crazy like Kierkegaard.

Mechanical your soul is pretty practical tactical.
My Strategy is tragedy.
I'm Jedi don't mind me, find me. Come up upclose just need a little dose
of this Lux the flux. Just need a little hope.
Want to breath not want to choke, to be is to provoke. This ain't word it's pure prose. Ain't wanna preach just wanna teach the continuity of this subjectivity. Pure philosophy.

A love from the above,
Ben's on the slappin' the fact is this is dope,
please take just a very little dose.

Sin is not a negation, it's a position, that needs transition of the thought. There's fate dogma and paradox.
Track Name: The Professor's Craft
The professor's craft is a path to trigger your senses. Once your awake, through music's reality

You will know the way. To transcendental venues. The mecca of all musics.

Track Name: The Last Scene
Everyday, you come back life.
Wondering if your still with your wife.
Still looking forward in time.
Still waiting for you wine.

Tearing down natures building and.
And pulling up Irradiated weldings.
Orbiting space debris
And pouring dead dynos in the seas.

Though you look up at the gods
and ask for mercy.
Do you know the odds of them knowing thee.

This is the last scene we're walking like the last kings asking.
What's up with all this masking, the fake gathering of the oil,
the soil. Make my freakin insides just boil spoil.
Princes masters of censorship ruling the naïve please.
We are the kings and queens, of the last scene.

Come on.

Gods don't believe in good or bad.
Whatever you do, just don't hurt the flower.
Track Name: Phenomenology
Real talk
Didn't want to get emotional but its time and all
we killing time they want to give us Tylenols
No knowledge
people should be depress of this stress to impress
through the vanity of the dress
the codes of success crafted by immunes
laughing at your takes
make believe through the lens
my mind is blinded by all this lying
on the other line this is the real world dying alliance

Oh No, I lost my brain again. Oh no.

Oppression, depression, recession of the thought the ask true.
They give us false, want light, get dark. Want to fly, tell us to walk.

Stop, think, critic the lyrics.

We all will. For a better tomorow.

I lost my brain again.

Concept is exposed be real not under control.
Understand phenomenology. Be concious of conscience, launch it.

Yo, now just make it continuum. Against you know this delirium. It's philosophy. Envision intelligence, it's not about being different, here I go we're similar under the darks ages the pages, here i go no crazy ways.

I tried to say but you just wont listen. This is the Lux for ya.
Track Name: Ben's Doughnut
Vous savez quand quelqu'un vous ramène des bons doughnuts.
Et que vous avez déjà mangé des doughnuts de qualité inférieur auparavant.
Vous avez pas le choix de manger les doughtnuts.

Vous êtes doughnut tease.
Doughtnut tease.

C'est comme prendre une roussette et qu'elle est sèche.

Doughnut tease..
Track Name: Back to Bach
Konoyaro, bakayaro. Concerto Brandisburg, mouvement three, back to bach, modern symphony mix with.
War and philosophy. Listen.

Take evil make it better,
change your personal weather.

Metacritic on the way, DOC on the name,
street cred just faded away.
What Chillin' with prince here in the kitchen,
givin a soulful soulful of food for your brain.
For you spirit, what you know here I go quite vivid.

Blazin, Hazin, here I go fortun faded. What.

I give it away, ah.
I can slice it, chop it, put it on the device.
This is the only like, no plastic, militant flow,
yo i'm givin up what you know, elastic. The sword just came no plastic.
This is real classic. Hunh, this is my chorus ya and just like it.
Here we are, chillin on a different planet. Come on.

Konoyaro, bakayaro. Concerto Brandisburg, mouvement three, back to bach, modern symphony mix with.
War and philosophy. Take evil make it better, here I got what you know
change your personal weather. Comon.

Rewind back people forgot real rap, the chemistry of rythme and poetry. Effortlessly I'm bringing J.S. Bach to fame. Cause I don't wanna be ashamed when I grow up I don't want my kids to throw on the music so lame.

So that's why. I can slice it, chop it, put it on the device.
This is the only like it, elastic, militant flow, yo I'm chillin cause you know.
What we gave it, it lasted. The sword just came no plastic.

This is real, real, real, real, classic.
This is my chorus y'all and just like it, here we are, chillin on a different planet.

Konoyaro, Bakayaro. Concerto Brandisburg, mouvement three, back to bach, modern symphony mix with.
War and philosophy. Take evil make it better, here I got what you know
change your personal weather. Come on.

Rewind back people forgot real rap, the chemistry of rythme and poetry. Effortlessly I'm bringing J.S. Bach to fame. Cause I don't wanna be ashamed when I grow up I don't want my kids to throw on the music so lame.

So lame

So lame

Come on.
Track Name: Predestination
Lux Continuum Paradox, dark kicks
though we're going flash delirium
veins giving all out to this lithium
want to be superstar for millions
can't stand for your being being brilliant
articulation marks
your movement gives predestination
to this pedestrian nation of thought
control of equity through Karl Marx
fake movement through force,
Ford through cars
pushing out through clothes
to the real Mckoy Bk or a Mcboy?

So we're chasing time from
9 to 5
5 to 9
Let the mind rest, invest it's fly time.
Darkness is going to see the light.
People have come to fight.
Track Name: The Promised Land
Martin Luther King Jr

"We got some difficult days ahead.
But it really don't matter with me now.
Because I've been to the mountain top.

Like anybody I would like to live, a long life.
Longevity has it's place but i'm not concerned about that now.
I just wanna do god's will. And he's allowed to got out to the mountain.
And i've looked over.
And I've seen the promised land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know the night that as a poeple
will get to the promised land.

So I'm happy tonight, I'm not worried.
About anything, I'm not fearing any man.
My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord.

One day we will have to stand before the god of history.
And we will talk in turns of things we've done.
It seems that I can hear the god of history saying
That was not enough.
For I was hungry.
And you fed me not.

Maybe I can understand some of these illegal injonctions
Maybe I can understand the denial of certain basic first
amendment privileges because they have committed themselves
to that, over that.
But somewhere I read. Of the freedom of assembly.
Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech.
Somewhere I read of the freedom of press
Somewhere I read that the greatness of America, is the right
to protest, for our rights.
So just as I said we are not going to let dogs or water hoses turn us around.
We aren't gonna let any injonctions turn us around.